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It has spent already two month since 3.11. Tepco Nuclear plant is still critic and at least they confirmed melt down in Reactor-1. but is was obvious and easy to imagine for everyone. It is going to be longer way to sort all out than their 9 month road map. My work for Boston and Fukuoka based Robinia Hill will step forward for the final work in this weekend. The line art works will place on the wall their new studio in Boston.


Word Press Blogも始めました。今後Ver-2.0の進行と一緒にこちらに全て引っ越すかもしれないです。

 Time is spent so fast. It is already in May from today.
Green and flowers show typical vivid colours in May.
Feel very nice even to look a little of them by the streets.
The so many situations were changed a lot in this early summer.
Who could imagine the giant Tsunami swept all and radioactive materials are fallen in town. off course not only serious matters in the life, in fact the life is getting normal. but we must tackle more specific for radiation now.

 昨日はボストンに44枚ほどラフを送り21時前くらいまで通しで作業をしていた。大体夕方くらいから東電の会見を音声だけで聴きながら作業をしているのだけど、最近原発関連の会見が一本化されてかなり長いことやってるけど、原子力安全委員会の応答が一番お粗末だ、だらだらと意味不明のことを棒読みで、当事者意識も皆無だし、どう自分の役割的に落ち度が露呈しないのみに終始してる役人にしか見えない。 そんな中ホリエモンの収監前の会見も全てネット中継されていたのも聴いていた。夜NHKのニュース9でほんの5分弱くらいやっていたけど、あれでは彼が悪いことをして後悔してるというところが体よく切り取られていて、あれを見た人はああやっぱりな的になるだろう。彼は会見では検察の怖さや現在のメディアのあり方や、若者へのメッセージなど気負うことなく淡々と述べていたけど、そういったところは全くNHKのニュースでは全く放送されることはなかった。会見を聴き終わった後ではホリエモンには収監中も後もまた頑張ってもらいたいと、今まで感じていた彼のイメージとは別の印象を持った。

 I launched my website in 2007 by help of web designer Miki-san.
I tried to study html first time around 2004.
But I gave it up, because that was complicated for me in that time.
To organize and design own website by myself became my anxiety a day by day.
Because if I could organize the main process by myself that to create art work, shooting, editing, then up-road on web, that got to be faster and get more possibilities.
I have started to study html hard since beginning of the new year days, and spent for three month to upload a couple of pages in this mid April.
I feel that I steped a little forward and hope achieve more.

Hidetoshi Yamada website Ver-2.0.

Versio 2.0
 まだ現用のメインサイトでお知らせしていないけど、ようやくVer.2.0のトップとJapan/World Ver.2.0の2ページをサーバー上に上げた。
年明けから勉強を始めて、3ヶ月以上かかってしまったけどまだまだ勉強することと、知らないことばかりだ。まだhtmlなら慣れ始めてはいるけど、Java scriptとかPHPとかはほとんど頭に入ってないし必要か今のところまだわからない。

www.hidetsoshiyamada - Ver.2.0

6-9 month
 Tepco announced work schedule officially yesterday.
They are going to take for 6-9 month to reduce radiation leaking.
So it will carry on till in this autumn and the end of this year.
And the government announced how different and comparison situation of Chernobyl and Fukushima. But many free journalist and reliable specialist of radiation said that is completely wrong.
And I knew that any of nuclear safe agency had never visit in Fukushima more than one month. These many cropped troubleshooting of government will cause huge problem after a several years.